The story of HYPERKID

posted by Roman

It’s 2045. Singularity is near.

HYPERKID, a curious young man is travelling through space for the first time in an advanced space suit he recently invented. Cruising on the lower orbit, Earth gets hit by an asteroid.

HYPERKID survives and seeks shelter on the establishing colonies on Mars run by machines. Wandering on the vast red planet, he suddenly comes into the realization of his solitude as the last possible human survivor.

The story behind HYPERKID is merely a reflection of the current outlook proposed by the scientific community, pointing out that there might be a disastrous event in the near future, which could lead to the potential extinction of our natural habitat. Therefor putting an urge on why we, the human species, should engage in the colonization of foreign planets, with Mars as the closest, reachable target.

The story is heavily inspired by great minds like Elon Musk, Steven Hawking, Nick Bostrom, Neil deGrasse Tyson, just to name a few..

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