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The idea of HYPERKID came to me after I was finishing the song Zero Gravity. I was inspired by the view of the earth while watching science movies. It created this special feeling in me ( it actually has a name and is called the overview effect ), which made me fall for the beauty of earth while being in space, experiencing zero gravity. As a Star Trek fan, I always dreamt of being on a starship travelling through the void and exploring new territories.

I realized that there has always been the idea of humans flying through space in spaceships, but why couldn’t there be a character in the future, flying in a spacesuit that serves a spaceship?

I wanted to explore the possibility of creating this digital character and a music video series at a fraction of the cost considering the availability of free 3D material online and by speeding up the production process. I will cover the making-of in another blog-post soon.

It’s important to mention that after I left the music industry 7 years ago, I decided to do everything on my own. I felt that I wouldn't have the control while being signed to a major label company. I wasn’t satisfied with the result neither musically nor visually or how I have been represented by the company. These kind of stories have been told many times before, but to be fair: I’ve also been quiet young. I could have used the experience which I gathered later on when I started working for companies and agencies (developing mobile apps and websites) especially when it comes to product-design.

However, I prooved myself wrong. I spent an insane amount of my ( spare ) time into the HYPERKID production and at times it has been a quite painful process. I don’t know if I would recommend it to anyone and I underestimated the necessary production time by a magnitude of at least 5. But for some reason I can’t say that it would have been easier to give up at any point and I’m happy about having learned so much about CINEMA 4D. It’s a fun program, easy to adapt to and play around with. By the way, for those of you who don’t know: It comes for free as a lite version with the monthly subscription to Adobe After Effects.

The story of HYPERKID ( read here ) wasn’t even finished yet, when it was about 75% ready, but I’ve read a lot about Artificial Intelligence and was very inspired by Elon Musk and his plans of colonizing Mars. With some hints by my friends ( after many nightly conversations with the main topic of basically how we all will be doomed once AI takes over.. ;) this scenario came to my mind. I believe it is quite captivating and can be spinned much further many more times, that’s why I can’t wait to finish the MARS video very soon.

For those of you who are less tech-savvy, let me just say a few words in terms of the music:

I think I wanted to create atmospheric, minimal music which is emotional and would have a fingerprint throughout all the songs. That's why I restricted myself to just a small amount of sounds and samples. I tried to create a compact feeling by basically quantizing all the sounds, leaving no room for velocity. It made many things so much easier. I wanted to generally find a better tonal level for my voice, so I tried it a bit deeper.

Thanks for reading. Please share the songs and the videos if you like them!

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